The time has come to try something fresh. Something that reflects better who we are, how much we’ve grown and where we’re going.

Today, Molten Ventures has a market cap of around £1.5bn, a more than eleven-fold increase from its listing value of just over £120 million in just 5 years. Our portfolio of incredible companies has transformed as well. While the core of our beliefs remain the same, our is a different business in many ways, and we wanted a whole new brand to reflect that.

You can find out more below about what our shiny new brand means for us, for our portfolio companies and for venture capital in general.

Why we’re rebranding now?

There was a general belief among the team that there was an opportunity to get more out of our brand, especially at this pivotal moment for the firm.

Over the past five years, we’ve been on a considerable journey, between the change in leadership and scaling of the business, the company has transformed into a different beast from when we first listed on AIM and Euronext Growth. We’re moving away from having a few key players to a fully built out and scaled team that is listed as a FTSE 250 company.

We wanted a brand that embodied who we are, how we operate, what our strategy is and could help to tell our story. That, we firmly believe, we have found in Molten Ventures: a brand that is not only befitting of where we are now but reflects our ambition as the leader of a new generation of tech VCs.

Why we decided on Molten

The Molten name is rooted in the team’s long experience of transformation – both our own, and our successful efforts to help our portfolio do the same. The name was inspired by the natural process of State Change, by which matter is transformed via the injection of energy, the first transformation is from solid to molten form. We believe that venture capital works best when VCs give their energy to help companies succeed. This ‘energy’ goes far beyond providing just capital, it also means experience, knowledge, relationships and a commitment for the long term. 

Our brand visuals use a vibrant and electric palette to demonstrate energy, alongside other assets which reflect the core idea of Molten, the state changes from solid to liquid to gas and beyond.

This commitment extends to our motto: Make More Possible which reflects our unique nature as a listed venture capital firm. We invest in Europe’s best entrepreneurs and best seed funds, helping them to make more possible, but because we are listed, the rewards of our investments make more possible for public market investors, not just a small club of LPs.

Business as usual

We are Molten Ventures.  Aside from that, not much has changed. We continue to develop and invest in inventors and visionaries who find new ways for the world to work.

We will continue to seek out the most promising high growth technology companies in Europe with global potential and find a way to invest and bring our skills to the company to help execute on that potential.

And, just as before, the heart of the business is our group of 11 experienced partners—most of whom are ex-entrepreneurs themselves. As non-executive board members of their management teams, they help with strategy, finance, hiring, international expansion and other key issues for global growth.

The partners themselves are still supported by our fantastic internal support teams: one team is our research, deal execution and marketing group; the other our finance, funding and operations group.

And last but not least, our team of partners and our portfolio companies are still supported by the global Draper Venture Network—headquartered in Silicon Valley but with partners across the globe, offering additional business development resources to any of our partners or portfolio companies.

We are so excited to share our new brand with you. We look forward to working alongside our brilliant portfolio companies, past, present, and future to enable them to “Make more possible.”