Build big

Our mission is to empower Europe to invent the future.

If you're building a new future, you care about results and you want partners who believe the same. We'll support your vision because the future demands those who can make it.

For the long term

The future can arrive tomorrow or in decades, we're committed to either.

We’re the largest tech-focused venture capital firm listed on the stock market. Why is that important? Because it means that when we invest in you, we’ve got the flexibility to back your team from Series A, through scale-up, to IPO or acquisition.

A bit crazy? Us too

Tomorrow's problems won't be solved by today's conventions.

We transformed the venture capital model because we couldn't see how convetional venture capital could really transform things for the long term. We want to work with entrepreneurs who believe as we do.

Partnership always

When we partner with a company, we bring capital of course, but also knowledge, experience, and relationships.

We believe the best entrepreneurs in Europe are capable of building the global businesses of the future. We fuel their growth with long-term capital, access to international networks and decades of experience building businesses

Seed Stage


Partnering the right VCs for your first investment is vital, but seed is not our speciality. So we've backed dozens of Europe's best seed stage investors instead.

Early Stage


If you've found product-market fit you'll need investors with ambitions as big as yours. If we're not already talking make sure we know about you.

Later Stage


It's time to go global and you'll need the capital, experience and networks to scale. You focus on your business and we'll be there to back you.



The best companies have a relentless need for growth capital. Our listed VC model means we'll never tap out.

Our partners are here to grow your business with you

We bring more than money. We give hands-on support, advice and deep global networks to every team we back, helping you to grow and scale.