Molten Ventures is pleased to announce it has participated in a $45 million Series A in deep tech company, causaLens.

causaLens is the pioneer of Causal AI - the only AI technology that quantifies cause-and-effect relationships to reason alongside humans in a manner that is trustworthy, explainable, and fair. Causal AI represents a giant leap ahead of current correlation-based AI technologies, which blindly extrapolate historical patterns to forecast the future and are unable to ask counterfactual questions — the ‘what ifs’ that are the foundation of human imagination and creativity.

causaLens’s no-code platform delivers far more accurate and reliable results and allows humans and machines to work together for the first time. It is trusted by decision makers across finance, industry, technology, and government.

The round was led by Dorilton Ventures and Molten Ventures, with sizable participation from existing investors Generation Ventures and IQ Capital. GP Bullhound and others also joined the round, which was oversubscribed.

Since emerging from stealth mode in January 2021, causaLens has seen annual revenue grow by more than 500%. The company has won marquee clients including Tier1 banks, hedge funds, governments and Fortune 500 companies.

The Series A funding will allow causaLens to double its team in 2022 to meet the growing global demand for Causal AI while investing aggressively to maintain its competitive technology lead. 

Christoph Hornung, Investment Director, Molten Ventures said:

“In the future every company will adopt AI, not just because they can, but because they must. We at Molten are convinced that enterprises that are 'AI powered' will have the ability to better convert data into information and eventually into knowledge.

“Based on causal AI, businesses will also develop the capacity to better understand relationships between knowledge and apply these learnings to business problems. Causalens is one of the first causality-based AI platforms globally to provide transparent causal insights and suggest actions that directly improve business KPIs.”

causaLens CEO and co-founder, Darko Matovski, said:

“Our vision is to create a world in which humans can trust machines with the greatest challenges in the economy, society, and healthcare. Our customers are seeing transformative results with our no-code platform and we now have the resources to bring our product to everyone.”

Supported by $45M in the first close of this Series A round, causaLens is now able to help organizations across more sectors and geographies create human-centered AI systems they can fully trust.