Stories are the fuel of human progress. They create meaning out of noise. To unite people behind a common vision, start with a story. Being clear on the ‘why’ will help you define the ‘how’.

As part of the investment team, Andrea focuses on supporting our portfolio companies through a variety of initiatives. Andrea's background is in innovation consulting helping companies such as Unilever, TikTok and Google develop and bring to market new offerings. He led the spin-off of a now self-sufficient DAM platform and held an operational role at a smartwatch startup (acquired by Fitbit). He holds an MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management from Imperial College

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Corporates and Startups tell it how it is

Corporates and Startups tell it how it is

In the second part of our Corporate-Startup panel roundup, we gathered founders and CEOs from our startup ecosystem and corporate innovation leaders for an intimate and informal discussion. We asked the group for some real honesty about some of the difficulties the corporates and startups faced working together: “Tell the truth: what annoys you about each other?”

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