Nina Capital is an international, specialized venture capital firm investing exclusively at the intersection of healthcare and technology.

In our investment criteria and process, we are informed by a Stanford-born methodology of health technology innovation known as Biodesign. Since 2001, Biodesign has proven to de-risk the process of new venture creation by applying a need-driven and value-based approach to reinventing healthcare with the help of technology.

We see our sweet spot in seeding founders who are marrying an in-depth understanding of the complex network of healthcare system participants with meaningful engineering innovation, advanced data science, and information technology-enabled products and services. We look for and support need-driven founders determined to serve these participants effectively and efficiently internationally.

We invest broadly across the European continent, the United Kingdom,  the United States, Israel, and Canada, with a collaborative approach in how we work and interact with other players in our industry. We aim to help thoughtful and committed teams bridge the chasm from founding to series A capital and access global markets.