"Tapestry VC invests at the Seed stage into technical & repeat founders with a global orientation across Europe & the US.

Tapestry VC’s portfolio companies include early investments in European and US winners such as Hopin, Builder AI, Nothing, Pitch, Crossbeam, Manna, Standard AI and Zapp.

Today, two-thirds of Tapestry VC’s portfolio are repeat founders who previously built or sold a business; and over 70% are building their businesses in multiple countries from day one.

Tapestry VC’s data shows that the repeat and technical founder archetype typically moves almost twice as fast as other founders; and has delivered outsize returns for them so far.

They are currently investing out of their $50M second and opportunity funds, and completed over a dozen new deals in the past year.

Before founding the firm, Tapestry VC partner Patrick Murphy started a VC fund for Universal Music Group - the world’s largest record label - who previously held stakes in Spotify, Shazam, Uber, TikTok & more.

Tapestry VC partner David Kelly previously co-founded Web Summit - Europe’s largest tech conference operator - which he helped scale to over €50M in revenue.

Tapestry VC’s team splits its time between London, Dublin, Lisbon and San Francisco."