Zinc exists to build and scale a brand-new way to solve the world's most important societal problems by empowering the most talented and motivated people to redirect their careers and have a large-scale social impact as entrepreneurs, researchers and intrapreneurs.

Since launching in 2017, Zinc have been developing a unique ecosystem of diverse talent across many sectors, disciplines and countries by mobilising people around a common mission and building scaleable solutions to social problems.

They focus on specific ‘missions’, which they believe unite, mobilise and organise the best talent, knowledge and capital that are needed to break through at scale. Within each of their missions (Environment, Later Life, Mental Health, Globalisation & Automation), they run Venture Builder and Accelerate programmes that help individuals to have impact.

Recent Insights

Ella Goldner: Pioneering Impact and Mission-Driven Ventures with Zinc

Ella Goldner: Pioneering Impact and Mission-Driven Ventures with Zinc

From her early days as an engineer, operating drones, and working with leading brands such as Wimbledon and Unilever, to her MBA from London Business School, Ella's diverse background has prepared her for this critical role in the world of impact-driven ventures. Here, we chat about what prompted her to co-found Zinc and how it’s changing the ecosystem for the better.

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