Molten Ventures is delighted to announce that our portfolio company, Bright Computing has now joined the NVIDIA family.

Bright Computing’s Bright Cluster Manager product will become the latest addition to NVIDIA’s software stack for accelerated computing. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Bright Computing’s customer list includes household names such as Microsoft, NASA, Siemens, Samsung, Tesla, Johns Hopkins University and Volvo.

Our journey with Bright started with a highly promising product and an R&D team headquartered in Amsterdam, and as Bright evolved we have been privileged to support them. Now, Bright is installed on over 100,000 servers, providing over 22 billion core compute hours of processing per year. It is a leader in software for managing high performance computing systems used by more than 700 organizations worldwide. Companies in health care, financial services, manufacturing and other markets use its tool to set up and run high-performance computing clusters, groups of servers linked by high-speed networks into a single unit.

This acquisition by NVIDIA reinforces the company’s position as the de facto choice for cluster management within High Performance Computing (HPC) and its rapidly growing adoption for supercomputing machine learning applications and edge computing cases.

Richard Marsh, Senior Partner at Molten Ventures said: “Together, we have successfully built out the company’s US presence and cultivated partnerships with every major server manufacturer, including the relationship with NVIDIA which has developed effectively over several years.

“Along the way the company re-shaped the market by executing a successful transition to a SaaS-like recurring licencing model within a sector that had previously been heavily influenced by hardware sales models.”

We wish Bright and the NVIDIA team the greatest success for the future, and we are incredibly excited to see what the future lies in store for them.