There are more than 200 million connected homes today, with many predicting that by 2023 we will have 6.4 billion smart home devices globally. As the cost of components (sensors and processors) have fallen, and the number of broadband connections have risen, the promise that connected homes will help us save energy, money and time has never been closer.

But the growing complexity of our connected homes, coupled with poor customer support, has led to consumer frustration and cost service providers (both internet providers and device manufacturers) billions a year to maintain. Although the technology is cutting-edge, the support service is not. Sophisticated technology has outpaced our ability to simply fix it ourselves. Enter Sweepr.

Sweepr have developed a voice activated platform which enables customers to ask questions like “Why is my Wifi so slow?” or “Why is my house so cold?” and provide answers in real-time. By gathering detailed digital context of your home, the platform delivers relevant instructions through voice, pictures and video. Through data aggregation, taxonomy and behavioural profiling, the platform is able to judge automatically what the problem is and suggest solutions straight away.

We are delighted to announce that we have led a $9 million series A investment round in the team at Sweepr, alongside our friends at Frontline VC. We are impressed by both the number of top tier service providers and device manufacturers have already signed up for the platform, as well as their cutting edge technical skills. Alan is a true serial entrepreneur and together with many of the team at Sweepr, has built and scaled successful companies before. We are delighted to be joining our friends at Frontline alongside some stellar angel investors, including co-founder of Intercom, Des Traynor and Founder of Voxpro, Dan Kiely, to support the team as they build the first truly responsive support system for a connected world.

Nicola McClafferty

Nicola McClafferty

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