Firms that can really make a difference to how our lives and planet will be managed in the future. They deliver something that is truly innovative and transportable across cultural, national and other boundaries.

With more than 20 years of experience in financial services, Martin joined Molten Ventures from Aegon Asset Management where he was the Head of Europe. Prior to Aegon, Martin served as CEO at Kames Capital, CEO of Cofunds, worked at Zurich Insurance Group, and was also CEO of Zurich’s joint venture, Openwork.
Martin also served for 11 years in the British Army. Martin has an MBA from London City Business School (CASS) and Diplomas from the Institute of Marketing and the Market Research Society.

Recent Insights

Investor Day 2023 | A Summary

Investor Day 2023 | A Summary

At Molten’s 2023 Investor Day, we brought together some of the best and brightest of our portfolio to showcase their growth journeys. As the keynote speaker, our CEO Martin Davis gave a candid precis of the numbers, the state of play in the market and a reminder of how Molten invests.

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